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Pie Irons ~ Sandwich Makers ~ Campfire Cookers

Cooking with pie irons is outdoor campfire fun at its essence. So simple to use, yet so delicious and versatile. Just take two slices of bread (buttered on the outsides), fill with jam, cheese, meat, etc... Place inside the cooking cavity and lock it closed. Hold it over your campfire for a few minutes on each side and you'll soon be enjoying a tasty toasted treat!

We carry a variety of pie irons, sandwich cookers, and other open fire cooking gear. Our rugged cast iron models are built to handle the punishment of even the largest fire, but are designed to be safe and easy to use. From a simple hobo pie or grilled cheese to chicken, chops & steaks, or even campfire waffles, you'll find something here to make your next outdoor meal as much fun to make as it is to eat!

Pie Iron Tip:    Season your cast-iron pie irons the same way as you would a normal cast iron skillet. Lightly grease or spray and rub it in with a paper towel. Place on the fire and let it season for as long as you wish, making sure that the steel handles don't become over-heated and weaken. WHEN IRON HAS COOLED, wash with plain water after seasoning and lightly grease them again before storing.


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Old Mountain Round Hobo Pudgy Pie Iron
Old Mountain Round Hobo Pudgy Pie Iron
This traditional campfire favorite will have you making lip-smaking open fire pocket sandwiches in no time, and you'll soon become everyone's favorite campfire chef. Simply place a slice of buttered bread inside of the iron, add your favorite filling, then top it with another slice of bread. Close the iron, bury it in hot coals for a few minutes and PRESTO! You'll have pocket sandwiches that everyone can order custom made! Overall length of the round cast iron hobo pudgy pie iron is 27 1/2", and the cooking surface measures approximately 3 1/2" in diameter.
Single Round Iron

Round Iron TWIN PACK


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Old Mountain Square Sandwich Iron
Old Mountain Square Cast Iron Sandwich Cooker
This design is among the most popular for squared sandwich irons because it crimps and seals crust edges of bread slices in a similar fashion as the round cooker. You can use it to make sealed pocket style sandwiches that are square and hold more fillings than the traditional round models. A great sandwich maker for the creative camp chef, and the best cooker for pizza pockets, quesadillas, burritos, and frozen waffles. It also serves as an excellent S'more maker! Overall length of the sandwich iron is 27 1/2", with a cooking surface that measures 3 1/2" square.
Single Square Iron

Square Iron TWIN PACK


Old Mountain Cast Iron Cooker Combo Pack
Our most popular selection for pie irons has always been the combination twin pack that offers the ability to create round or square pocket sandwiches. Each iron has it's own use, depending upon what you decide to cook in them. Use the round iron for burgers or dessert pockets with fruits & jams, and use the square iron for foods like grilled cheese or campfire cornbread. With both tools at your disposal, your camp menu is as vast as your imagination will allow.
Combinaton Twin Pack ~ $29.95
Old Mountain Currently On Backorder ~ Expect Delayed Deliveries Thru Memorial Day

Rome Cast Iron Square Sandwich Cooker
Wilcor Square Sandwich Iron
For full-sized toasted sandwiches such as grilled cheese, sourdough bread burgers, etc., this square sandwich iron is perfect tool. Small enough to pack easily but tough enough to handle some real campfire cooking, this design is also an excellent choice for many pre-packaged frozen foods such as fish sticks, cheese sticks, pizza rolls and other tasty snacks. Just open the iron, place your goodies inside, close it and secure it. Place the iron in a bed of hot coals, turning it occasionally until food is cooked. Overall length of the sandwich iron is approximately 28".

Cast Iron
Square Cooker
Single - $24.95
Twin Pack 39.95

Rome Cast Iron Double Wide Campfire Sandwich Cooker
Double Wide Cast Iron Sandwich Cooker
This giant cast iron double sandwich cooker from Wilcor Outdoors will cook two full sized sandwiches at once or one large hoagie or submarine style sandwich. This rugged cooking vessel is excellent for cooking meats, potatoes, vegetables, bratwurst, chicken and other larger food items, and makes awesome campfire french toast! Comes with a book of recipe ideas to help you get the most enjoyment from it. Overall length of the iron is approximately 28".
Double Pie Iron ~ $34.95

Aluminum Hobo Pudgy Pie Cooker
For a pocket style sandwich with sealed edges, this hobo pie cooker gets the job done quick and easy. And it's lightweight, making it perfect for children and seniors. Place a slice of buttered bread face down on one side, put your favorite fillig on it, and top with another slice of buttered bread face up...close and clamp the cooker and you'll be enjoying a tasty toasted treat within minutes. Made in the USA!
Quickie Pie Cooker ~ $16.95

Coleman Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker
Waffle lovers are gonna really like this double waffle maker from Coleman. Leaders in outdoor adventure and cooking gear, they've designed it with a locking clip that keeps batter in place, and the shortened handles makes it great for cooking over a stove or campfire. The comfortable hardwood handles stay cool to the touch, and the non-stick cast aluminum base makes cleanup easy. Lets you serve up 2 delicious full-size 4" waffles at a time!
Coleman Waffle Cooker ~ $34.95



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