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Camp Grills, BBQ's, Baskets & Stoves

Preparing meals in the great outdoors can indeed be challenging. Its important for the campfire cook or backyard chef to have good equipment, including a quality grills or stove. On this page you'll find grills, grates, tripods, wire mesh grilling baskets and even fire rings that every camp chef needs. Whether you prefer cooking with wood, charcoal, propane, or even butane, we have rugged outdoor open fire cooking equipment to fill most every need.

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Quad Pod Open Fire Grilling System
The Rome Quad-Pod grilling system allows you to manage open fire cooking with more precision by vertically adjusting the cooking grate to the perfect cooking height. The grate adjusts with a simple to use hand crank. The chrome-plated steel grill surface measures a roomy 12" x 24" and adjusts vertically up to 22" above ground level . The quad-pod grill easily breaks down for car camping and storage (without tools!) Also works nice as a semi-permanent outdoor grill at the cabin or over the backyard firepit. Assembled footprint is 23"D w x 25.5"L x 24.5"H. Packs down to 27" x 13" x 2". Rugged and sturdy, yet weighs only 7 lbs.
Quad Pod Grill ~ $59.95

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Smore Maker Grill Basket
Smore Maker Grill Basket
Now you can make yummy campfire s'mores that look great and don't fall apart, with this newest addition to the fine line of Rome's open fire grilling baskets. Able to hold up to three sets of s'more fixins, this rugged Smore Maker grilling basket is a must for any campfire or fireplace get together!
Smore Maker Basket ~ $8.95

Smore Maker Basket (2) ~ $14.95

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Adjustable  Depth Grill Basket Broiler
Adjustable Depth Grill Basket Broiler
Our most accomodating model is this 2 1/2" deep adjustable basket. Designed to keep everything in, this basket is deep enough to hold chicken, corn on the cob and steaks, yet adjusts to hold hot dogs, burgers and other smaller foods as well. Extremely heavy duty chrome wire basket has dimensions of 9 1/2" x 12" with an overall length of 29".
Grill Basket Broiler ~ $12.95

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6-UP Hamburger Grill Basket
6-UP Hamburger Grill Basket
The wire mesh compartments of this burger grilling basket will hold up to six hamburgers, pork chops, cutlets, steaks or anything about an inch in thickness. Basket dimensions are 9" x 13" with an overall length of 29". Perfect for backyard grilling or a flame broiled fireplace treat.
Hamburger Basket ~ $9.95

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Wire Mesh Fish Grilling Basket
Wire Mesh Fish Grilling Basket
The wire mesh compartments of this fish grilling basket is shaped to accomodate and cook plenty of the day's catch. This sturdy, chrome plated, grill basket features a 6" x 14" x 1.25" cooking area and a sturdy handle that measures a generous 20 inches in length for a comfortable working distance, which makes it ideal for open fire use. The O ring closure keeps the basket from closed when flipping.
Fish Grill Basket ~ $10.95

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Wire Mesh Open Fire Grilling Basket
Wire Mesh Open Fire Grilling Basket
This is a general purpose wire mesh grilling basket designed to accomodate and cook a variety of meats and vegetables over an open fire. The tight fitting edges of this grill basket coupled with a small grid pattern makes it easier to cook your favorite foods without everything falling into the fire. The sturdy, chrome plated, grill basket features an 8" x 11" x 1.5" cooking area with an overall length of 29 inches which makes it ideal for open fire use. The O ring closure keeps the basket closed when flipping.
Grill Basket ~ $12.95

Kebab Grilling Basket
One of the best things about going camping and cooking in the backyard is sharing a meal with family and friends, and that includes the kids. Now everyone, including the little ones, can cook their own kebab the way they want when using Rome's individual kebab baskets, and there's no danger of a sharp end to worry about! Just fill the 11" kebab cavity and hold over the fire or set on a grill grate. Rotate the basket as neede to cook all sides. Made from chrome plated steel with rosewood stained wood.
Kebab Basket ~ $14.95

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Open Fire Pizza Grill
Enjoy wood-fired pizza from your campfire with Rome's Outdoor Pizza Grill. Place pizza on the grill surface and cover with aluminum foil. The unique raised edges of the pizza grill holds the foil up above the surface of the pizza and creates an oven effect. Place over charcoal or campfire making sure the heat is even and steady. Cook until cheese is bubbly and crust is cooked. Works with frozen pizza, store bought or homeade crusts. Chrome plated wire. 29" overall length. 14" cooking surface
Campfire Pizza Grill ~ $11.95

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Adjustable Free-Standing Campfire Grill
Easy to set up and take down, this free standing grill is extremely versatile. The self supporting adjustable grill attaches to a 33" solid steel support stake, and features a chrome plated steel grill with oak folding handle. Adjust grill quickly and easily to your desired cooking height with safety peg. Constructed from extra heavy gauge steel, and includes convenient carry & storage bag and instructions for assembly.
Adjustable Camp Grill ~ $39.95

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Heavy Duty Fireplace Cooking Grill And Adjustable Campfire Cooking Grill
Adjustable Wood/Charcoal Grate Grill
This heavy duty cooking grate with adjustable height positions is designed to fit in a standard fireplace opening for an indoor wood or charcoal open-fire grilling experience, even in the coldest winter days. This unit is portable and can also be used in a campfire environment. The sturdy grate features two easy-grip hardwood handles, holds plenty of food, and adjusts to three different heights up to 15 inches. Made from solid steel, and finished with a high temp, food grade powdercoat. Cooking surface dimensions are 20 x 16 inches.
Adjustable Grate ~ $99.95

Grizzly Spit Portable Campfire Rotisserie
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Grizzly Spit Portable Campfire Rotisserie
The Grizzly Spit is a portable campfire rotisserie that can be set up over any open fire, anywhere, anytime. Two upright steel poles are driven into the ground on two sides of the fire to support a three foot stainless steel crossbar that fits into the battery operated motor. Two spit forks lock the food onto the crossbar so that the food does not slip while the rotisserie turns. Use it over a campfire, barbecue pit, on the beach or in your own backyard. Set up and take-down take only a couple of minutes. 2 D cells (not included) operate rotisserie motor up to 20 hours.
Grizzly Spit ~ $49.95

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Rome Tripod Grill & Lantern Hanger
This heavy duty tripod grill comes from Rome Industries, the leaders in campfire technology and innovation, and is designed to withstand the hottest fires. The adjustable chain assembly allows the grill to fit any size wood or charcoal fire. Remove the cooking grill to hang a Dutch oven, cooking pot, or a percolator. Rome's Tri-Pod Grill is vertically adjustable, allowing for better control of the cooking heat by raising or lowering the grill to just the perfect height according to your personal needs. Legs break down to provide for a more compact storage of the unit when not in use.
Rome Tripod ~ $37.95

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Wilcor Tripod Grill W/Carrying Bag
This heavy duty tripod grill is built to withstand a large, hot fire, yet is lightweight and easy to assemble, break down and store. It features 3-piece, galvanized tubular steel legs that interlock for added support, with hook-type latches at the top to keep them from spreading apart. A roomy 18 1/2" chrome plated grill has a raised side rail to keep food from slipping off. The grill is vertically adjustable on a pulley assembly, and has a height locking ring to secure it in place. Grill can be removed easily to hang a lantern or coffee pot. Stands 59" tall and fits well inside most standard sized fire rings. Handy carrying/storage bag included!
Tripod Grill ~ $39.95

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Rome Industries Pioneer Camp Grill
Pioneer Camp Grill
This sturdy little grill features four heavy-duty support bars that will hold cook sets, pots and pans and lots of food without warping. Crossbars are spaced close for cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. directly on the grill surface. The permanently attached and rigidly braced legs fold flat for easy storage and packing. Stands 12" high with a surface area of 24" x 12 1/2"
Pioneer Camp Grill ~ $21.95

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18" Round Folding Grill
Basic charcoal grill on a sturdy tubular steel collapsible leg frame. Folds flat for storage. Grill stands approximately 32" in open position. Adjustable chrome wire grill. Sturdy metal handles on sides of grill for mobility.
Charcoal Fold Grill ~ $24.95

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Orto Collection Takeaway Picnic Barbecue Grill
ORTO Takeaway Barbecue/Picnic Grill
With a sleek, contemporary design, The Takeaway Grill looks great in any setting and functions like a modern hibachi. Easily transport to the local park or cook tableside al fresco on the patio. The grill box measures 14" x 10 3/4" and features a baked enamel finish on steel. 4" stainless steel legs keep the grill off the ground or table. Unique folding stainless steel lid serves as a wind barrier. Grill surface is 14.75"x9.5" with folding handle for carrying food to the table. Minimum assembly with no tools needed and easy to store when not in use. From the Orto grill collection.
ORTO Takeaway Grill ~ $54.95

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Orto Collection Kebab And Barbecue Grill
ORTO Kebab'N Grill
New for 2010, here's handy and versatile charcoal grill that converts from a shishkebab grill to traditional barbecue style grill in just seconds. Simply remove the skewers and replace with 10.25"x15.5" grill grate. Fold up and place in nylon storage bag for easy transport to the campsite or picnic. Made from steel with a baked enamel finish. This rugged little grill is designed to be used with either charcoal or wood. Includes 6 (15" length) skewers.
ORTO Kebab'N Grill ~ $59.95

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Orto Collection Mini Folding Barbecue Grill
ORTO Mini Folding Barbecue Grill
For those who never know which adventure to persue next, this affordable little self contained mini grill is perfect take for a hike in the woods or perhaps a spontaneous cookout out on a tailgate. The chrome-plated steel cooking grid measures a roomy 11 1/2"x7 3/4" and has two height adjustments over the charcoal. Grill framework is made from steel with baked enamel finish and measures 6 1/8"H x 8 1/4"W x 11 1/2"L when set up for use. Folds to a compact 8 1/4" x 11 1/2" x 1 3/4" for storage.
ORTO Folding Grill ~ $14.95

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Wilcor Propane Two Burner Stove
Full rear & side wind screens. Features a baked enamel finish on heavy gauge steel and a chrome plated grid. Vented bottom prevents heat buildup. Adjustable burners with independent controls provide up to 8,000 BTUs, and are roomy enough to hold two 10inch skillets. 32" rubber hose fits 16.4oz or 14.1oz disposable cylinder (not included). Burns 2.5 hours at maximum settings. 5 year limited warranty.
Two Burner Stove ~ $59.95

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Wilcor Single Burner Butane Stove
A great backpack unit, this single burner butane stove features an auto ignitor control and flame regulator. Very compact and easy to operate. Comes with hard plastic carry case. 2 1/2 hours burn time with butane.
Single Burner Stove ~ $39.95

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Wilcor Stand Up Propane Stove
A HOT 6400 BTU cooking heat. On/off control knob with pressure regulator valve. Anti-clog burner. Corrosion resistant brass valve. Wind baffles shield burners and support cookware. Durable heavy-gauge steel with baked-on enamel finish. Additional shut off where attaches to propane cylinder. 7-1/2" diameter cooking surface. Ideal for camping or other outdoor use. Fuel used: 16.4 fl oz disposable propane cylidner (not included). Handy stove for motorcycle campers!
Stand Up Stove ~ $27.95

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