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Camp Kitchen & Outdoor Cooking Gear

Whether you are cooking in the back woods or the back yard, outdoor cooking demands rugged cooking gear that will get the job done in extreme conditions. This section features our line of general camp cooking utensils such as mess kits, coffee pots, camp dishes and assorted other camp kitchen items suitable for outdoor and open fire cooking needs. Browse the selections on this page, or choose another department from the following selections for more specific type of cooking equipment.

Pie Irons Forks Grills Cast Iron

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Campfire/Fireplace Popcorn Popper
Here it is...the finest quality version of an all time open fire cooking favorite, the popcorn popper for campfires and fireplace cooking. This rugged model from Rome Industries features a removable handle for easy storing and removable lid for versatile cooking. Pops 2 full quarts of yummy campfire popcorn at a time. Also a holiday favorite for roasting chestnuts over an open fire. 3" deep x 9" diameter. 27" overall length.
Popcorn Popper ~ $24.95

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Big Bowl Popcorn Popper
The round shape of the Big Bowl Popper is made for serious open-fire popcorn popping action. The hinged lid works like a charm and will up to 3 quarts at a time. All steel construction features a BBQ grade baked enamel cooking surface. Solid wood handle stays cool when cooking over campfire or hearth. This roomy popcorn popper arrives fully assembled so it will be ready to enjoy right out of the box!
Big Bowl Popper ~ $24.95


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Open Fire Bread & Biscuit Baking Stick
Enjoy the tastiest campfire or fireplace treat you can make with Rome's Bread & Biscuit Stick. Pop-open a can of refrigerated biscuit dough and leave in one long piece. Snake it around the head of the stick and hold over hot coals, turning slowly....then presto! You'll not only have tasty bread, but a long, hollow center for your favorite fillings. 38" long.


Bread And
Biscuit Stick
Single - $12.95
Twin Pack 23.95


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Grizzly Spit Portable Campfire Rotisserie

Grizzly Spit Portable Campfire Rotisserie
The Grizzly Spit is a portable campfire rotisserie that can be set up over any open fire, anywhere, anytime. Two upright steel poles are driven into the ground on two sides of the fire to support a three foot stainless steel crossbar that fits into the battery operated motor. Two spit forks lock the food onto the crossbar so that the food does not slip while the rotisserie turns. Use it over a campfire, barbecue pit, on the beach or in your own backyard. Set up and take-down take only a couple of minutes. 2 D cells (not included) operate rotisserie motor up to 20 hours.
Grizzly Spit ~ $49.95

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Rome Tripod Grill & Lantern Hanger
This heavy duty tripod grill comes from Rome Industries, the leaders in campfire technology and innovation, and is designed to withstand the hottest fires. The adjustable chain assembly allows the grill to fit any size wood or charcoal fire. Remove the cooking grill to hang a Dutch oven, cooking pot, or a percolator. Rome's Tri-Pod Grill is vertically adjustable, allowing for better control of the cooking heat by raising or lowering the grill to just the perfect height according to your personal needs. Legs break down to provide for a more compact storage of the unit when not in use.
Rome Tripod ~ $37.95

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Wilcor Tripod Grill With Carrying Bag
This heavy duty tripod grill is built to withstand a large, hot fire, yet is lightweight and easy to assemble, break down and store. It features 3-piece, galvanized tubular steel legs that interlock for added support, with hook-type latches at the top to keep them from spreading apart. A roomy 18 1/2" chrome plated grill has a raised side rail to keep food from slipping off. The grill is vertically adjustable on a pulley assembly, and has a heighth locking ring to secure it in place. Grill can be removed easily to hang a lantern or coffee pot. Stands 59" tall and fits well inside most standard sized fire rings. Heavy duty carrying/storage bag included.
Tripod Grill ~ $39.95

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Forged Steel Heavy Duty Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
If you've ever had a dutch oven set in a bed of hot coals, you already know how important it is to have a way to remove the lid safely without being burned. This unique tool serves just that purpose. Featuring a stay cool handle and an overall length of 15", it works great for lifting lids off of pans or dutch ovens quickly and safely when cooking over a campfire or fireplace, and can even be handy while cooking in the kitchen at home.
Lid Lifter ~ $5.95

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Chuckwagon Triangle Dinner Bell
Chuckwagon Triangle Dinner Bell
Call the troops to dinner with this authentic Chuckwagon Triangle Dinner Bell. Made from forged steel, this rugged bell has a handy hook to hang the striker. The volume is only limited by the strength used to ring it! Long leather strap for hanging. Don't forget to yell, "Come and get it!".
Triangle Dinner Bell ~ $13.95


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Rome Industries Picnic Tablecloth Weights
Decorative Picnic Tablecloth Weights
Now you can keep the tablecloth where it belongs with these fun and unique tablecloth weights that simply clip onto the four corners of the table covering. Each set comes with four hand painted cast resin weights attached with metal clips and chains. Two retro designs are available to choose from: a traditional wicker-style picnic basket or a vintage RV travel trailer. Each set contains four weights that measure 2 1/2 inches by 1 inch. Makes a perfect gift for any occasion!
Basket Weights ~ $17.95

Camper Weights ~ $17.95


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Super Combo Tong
Super Tong/Spatula Combo
Regular tongs can cause foods to break up while burgers tend to slide from a regular spatula and onto the ground. This tool solves the problem....a stainless steel spatula with a tong to hold food in place! Comfortable, rubber coated hand grips. A must for every campfire chef.
Combo Spat / Tong ~ $4.95

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5 Pc Aluminum Mess Kit
5 PC Aluminum Mess Kit
For the hiker or backpacker, this five piece aluminum mess kit will help get the chow cooked on the trail. Comes with skillet, saucepan w/lid, plate and a 7 oz drinking cup. Handle removes easily from the skillet so pieces can stack inside of each other for compact storage.
5 Pc Mess Kit ~ $8.95

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12" Folding Non-Stick Frying Pan
Another excellent trail utensil, this uniquely styled 12" frying pan from Wilcor has a non-stick surface and a rugged handle that folds down across the skillet. Easy to clean. Folds flat for compact storage in a backpack or suitcase. Great for eggs, meats and other skillet foods.
Folding Skillet ~ $11.95

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Camp Fire Toaster
Camp Toaster
Being in the woods shouldn't mean not enjoying foods you really like. That means even your morning toast! This handy open fire toaster lets you toast four slices of bread in a jiffy over the campfire, camp stove or even on your kitchen stove at home if the electric toaster goes on the blink.
Camp-A-Toaster ~ $5.95

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Aluminum Camp Coffee Percolator
Aluminum Camp Coffee Percolator
First thing in the morning just isn't the same without a fresh cup of perked coffee. And there's nothing to compare with the flavor and aroma of campfire coffee. This rustproof, aluminum percolator will get things going with a 9 cup maximum capacity. Instructions included.
Aluminum Percolator ~ $14.95


Traditional classic blue speckled enamel ware is a long-time favorite of outdoor enthusiasts because of it's rugged durability and ease of cleaning. Lightweight and practical, these pieces are perfect for your pack trip, fishing expedition or summer cabin. Say goodbye to floppy paper plates and expensive styrofoam that isn't at all friendly to our environment. Our blue enamelware will give you years of service at an affordable price!


12 Oz Mug
blue enamelware 12 ounce coffee mug Click For Larger Image
24 Oz Mug
10 Inch Plate
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6 Inch Bowl
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2.8 Qt Tea Kettle
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Coffee Pot
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Coffee Percolator
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2 Qt Sauce Pan
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4 Qt Stock Pot
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5.75 Qt Stock Pot
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11.5 Qt Stock Pot
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21 Qt Stock Pot
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4 Qt Pot w/Handle
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3 Qt Kettle Pot
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